We are able to provide a long term solution for problematic weeds, whilst saving on water and labour costs at the same time. I have included some further information regarding our product below: We are the supplier of a high woven ground net in the farming of fruit, vegetables, essential oils, olives, honeybush tea, Proteaceae, medicinal plants, flowers, etc. This permeable durable woven synthetic mulch permits the flow of water and air to the soil, however preventing sunlight and so doing reducing evaporation (water saving) and the germination of weeds etc. which reduces the reliance on herbicides etc.(organic) and makes general management of the crops so much easier and more successful. We have been experiencing great success with our products in Southern Africa in assisting farmers to farm easier, more successfully and more cost effective. We are currently busy introducing ground netting to both existing and emerging agricultural sectors in the rest of Africa and have seen a huge interest in our products from several other agricultural industries.,high quality high density polyethylene (HDPE) based woven synthetic textile specifically designed and formulated for outdoor use. Due to the heavier construction and amount of UV stabilizing additives, this product is designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions and suited for rugged, long term applications. The woven construction allows for great strength, permeability, 100% coverage with added UV stability. Weight: 134gsm Flow rate: 50lit/m²/sec Tensile strength: 12(k/NM) Email me at bigfish4@gmail.com for any orders.Transport are not incl.